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Quality policy

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Operating in an extremely delicate, demanding and highly competitive context such as it is the current one, Nova Arti Grafiche has decided to undertake a path that puts as its founding element the constant and continuous research of product quality, with the knowledge that it is direct a consequence of the way the whole company team thinks and operates.
Which is why the company's efforts are aimed at making all of its personnel perceive quality as an ethical aspect of the company in which ideas and expectations are constantly disseminated and shared that go to make up what in all respects is the Business Philosophy that has distinguished Nova Arti Grafiche in more than 70 years of activity.
Company strategies have always focused on mandatory aspects such as:
Customer satisfaction also in reference to its perception of the expected quality Identification and strategic collaboration with qualified suppliers that allow to respect the other added value of company productions.
Constant research aimed at reducing the costs of NOT quality.
Propensity for continuous improvement at all organizational levels.
Continuous training and development of Human Resources in order to create united and cohesive work teams to pursue the objectives of improvement and business growth.
The company guidelines also provide that all production operations must follow certain clearly defined procedures in compliance with the GMPs required to obtain products of the quality required by the reference markets.
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